Reflector alternatives

February 18, 2011 10:18
I have to break up my silence to send a beam of hate to software terrorists at RedGate management, who recently decided to charge for Reflector, an amazing tool they took over from Lutz Roeder in August 2008. Despite the original promises to keep the app free, Reflector7 is a paid only application and - lo and behold - the previous versions will cease to work from the end of February 2011. 

What a damn shame. 
At the bottom of this post goes a list of Reflector alternatives, but let me first get a load off my mind. Of course, supporting such an app is a job of work, and doing that for free means you loose money. Long-term, however, you also gain respect from the community, and it's been truly inspiring to see a consistently high quality of Reflector over the new releases of .NET framework, and witness the extraordinary generosity of RedGate doing that for free, in the same way Lutz Roeder had been doing for 8 (eight!) years. Kudos to RedGate developers who didn't screw up Lutz's work.

And anti-kudos to arrogant imbeciles at RedGate management whose IQ is definitely less than 70 because otherwise they would have forseen the implications of their decision. Now everybody knows RedGate cannot keep its word and that is not only about cancelling the free Reflector edition but, what is even worse, using a timebomb to kill the previous versions. No good. That's just "not done". Imagine a volunteer who worked for a charity and in three years comes back to demand the payment or otherwise taking all his work away!
Ok enough moaning :) Let's look how smart people fix the mistake of RedGate. There are several alternatives already available:
  1. A hacked Reflector v6.5 with the timebomb removed, available here 
  2. ILSpy which looks very promising, partly because übersmart people like David Srbecky and Daniel Grunwald are working on it.
  3. Resharper 6 (currently in EAP) bundles decompiler which will potentially become a standalone free (!) app so you even won't need Resharper when that is ready.
  4. ...and there's a bunch of others like Monoflector  and Kaliro app explorer  which have very good potential to evolve into something useful.


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