Knetlik follow-up

February 21, 2010 23:58
We've got some very positive feedback about Knetlik conference that was held last week in Microsoft premises here in Prague.  Thanks everyone who attended and presented - it was truly awesome!

And many people are asking for more. No problem,
keep tabs on announcements, I guess we can make it at least bi-annual :)

Here go few posts about the event

The Good and The Bad.

Something went well and something didn't - hopefully next time the good points will grow and the bad ones will go away.
Accordingly to the feedback,


  • Format of 10+5 minutes
  • Having diverse topics
  • Inviting remote speakers 
  • Recording videos


  • Making this on Saturday instead of a working day evening
  • Letting some talks last too long
  • Lack of quick speaker introduction before each talk
Anything missing? Anything wrong? The next conference will try to address some of the above issues - so if you have any ideas, don't hesitate adding a comment or two here or writing a post on your own blog.

Next steps. will be updated with ppts and  code samples around mid-March. Hopefully video materials will be ready by then - My Friend Andrew is currently working hard on that now.

And then we'll think about the topics for the next round. Nothing concrete on that yet, most likely things will be defined around June/July and approximate conference date will probably be September/October 2010 as it's not really feasible to make a conference in summer.

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