Whysharper is going well

September 6, 2009 20:28
whysharperThank you guys. More than 250 visits and more than 80 downloads in the first week - not that bad for a tiny plugin :)

Thanks to Ilya for his insights on ReSharper API (IDisableHighlightingActionProvider works like a charm!), thanks to everybody who twittered, thanks to all of you who responded privately and
thanks to the community for rapid feedback.

That's just amazing.
(Regarding the logo - yes, it's an upturned sign of St.Petersburg metro, as a special gesture to the fantastic city R# is being developed in.)

I'll be adding more explanations (now there're 12) - as usual, if you have any ideas on what's missing, please let me know.


August 30, 2009 20:06
Recently I was playing with Resharper and suddenly got an idea that agitated me so much that I sat down and implemented it as an open source project.