Ivonna for free

May 19, 2009 14:05

If you ever tried to unit test ASP.NET apps, you know how hard it is. There are Watir, WatiN and Selenium for client side testing but those tests, inherently, are integration ones. And if you are looking for a unit tests solution (especially in a legacy app) - welcome to Ivonna.

Bad news is that it costs €599.00

Good news is that Typemock is now giving away free licences for Isolator+Ivonna bundle: in order to get one, you just need to post on your blog that Typemock is now giving away free licences for Isolator+Ivonna bundle.

Easy? Read more about the rules and fire away!

To kill a mockingbird

March 15, 2009 12:09
There is another update for Mocking Frameworks Compare that allows you to evaluate the performance of the frameworks. The same standard mocking operations being called in a sophisticated loop[1]. Nothing fancy.

For now, don't expect any comments on whether this comparison is relevant or not, whether it's important or not, and what could you do with it. Only numbers.

But they are nice.

Mocking Frameworks Compare

February 8, 2009 21:54
As another milestone of my ardour for mocking, I've started a small open source project. It provides a unified set of tests written against Moq, NMock2, Rhino Mocks and Typemock Isolator, so that you can easily compare the frameworks and make an informed decision when picking one up.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the test for TypeMock because the trial version of Isolator had expired. I asked for an open source license about a week ago but still no answer (although they claim to answer within 48 hours). We'll see, hopefully I'd find some time to contact them again next week. Isolator guys sent me the open source license this morning (February 15). Cool stuff - Isolator tests are in now!

In the meantime - go ahead. It's here.

Touching a hot iron: finishing off

January 18, 2009 22:41

Finishing off this lengthy soliloquy about different mocking frameworks, here's a small summary.

Comparison of different mocking frameworks. NMock2 vs Moq vs Rhino Mocks vs Typemock Isolator - it's all here.

[Update: there's a new comparison available]

Touching a hot iron: Typemock Isolator

January 11, 2009 21:29

Typemock Isolator costs €449.

Good news: there is a Community Edition that is free[1].When you download the Isolator you get the full Enterprise Edition andafter 21 day the  evaluation licence expires and you're left with thefree features only.

And other mocking frameworks just wither away if you compare the feature sets. (Disclaimer: I'm using Typemock at work.)