Estimation, The second kind of

July 19, 2009 19:46
We developers are often asked how long it would take to finish a piece of code.  We've become quite skilled at that. We look at the scope, get a rough estimation, adjust it to have time on any issues we might face, add up time for comunication, add coffee breaks, multiply the result by 3 and let business to decide whether they still want the feature.

What we are asked much less often is
how long it would take to run a piece of code.

To kill a mockingbird

March 15, 2009 12:09
There is another update for Mocking Frameworks Compare that allows you to evaluate the performance of the frameworks. The same standard mocking operations being called in a sophisticated loop[1]. Nothing fancy.

For now, don't expect any comments on whether this comparison is relevant or not, whether it's important or not, and what could you do with it. Only numbers.

But they are nice.