NDepending Resharper

November 29, 2009 19:58

Doesn't it look like Christmas has already started? Recently I had the pleasure of being contacted by Santa Claus Patrick Smacchia, lead developer of NDepend, who offered me a free Pro license.

(In case you don't know: NDepend is an awesome static code analysis tool to measure quality of .NET apps in a bunch of ways, including code metrics and bewilderingly abstruse, yet
amazing, visualization approach.)

Woo-hoo! I remember playing with a trial version last year, which was kind of nice, but a free Pro is a free Pro. The offer didn't require a blog post in return, but very soon I realized that I cannot but post... because I'd picked up Resharper as a guinea pig.

Standard Deviation for Software Development Managers

August 16, 2009 20:43
Bugs that appear during development usually end up in a bugtracking system. Sometimes they even get fixed.

And sometimes, for better findability, each bug gets assigned to a particular area. So instead of having just 60 bugs in a buglog, you get
  • some 20 UI bugs
  • 6 bugs in admin panel
  • 13 bugs in the shopping cart logic
  • 4 integration issues
  • and 17 other uncategorized problems to plod away.