Mock-n-Roll: an overview of mocking frameworks available for .NET

November 22, 2009 20:52
A while ago your humble correspondent conducted a talk on mocking frameworks here in Prague.

Thanks to all who attended, it's been a great pleasure for me to present. As usually, if you have any questions you didn't ask there, feel free to drop a comment or two.

You can find the slides and the transcript here. Enjoy!

Distributed Agile Development

November 15, 2009 22:34
A week ago your humble correspondent conducted a talk on Distributed Agile Development at ESWC in Berlin.

You can find the slides and the transcript here. Enjoy!

Upcoming talks

October 25, 2009 23:08

November is going to be busy this year.

On November 7 I'll be talking about Distributed Agile Development at ESWC in Berlin. Tried to make it both hilarious and insightful - we'll see if it would pan out. At least the slides are drawn by hand.

And on November 11,
just 4 days later, I'm doing an overview of mocking frameworks at Microsoft here in Prague - mostly a coding session highlighting the differences between Isolator, Moq, NMock2, Rhino Mocks and Pex.


Resharper presentation

July 25, 2009 17:00
The other day your humble correspondent conducted a two hours training: Resharper 4.5 overview[1].

Here's nice a part of it. It captures 3 routine tasks we developers do extremely often:
  • Code completion
  • Minor refactorings
  • Moving code

Wieder besuchen und resümieren

March 22, 2009 18:37
Glad to announce, your humble correspondent has been invited to talk at the Software Engineering Today 2009 conference (May 5-6, Zürich, Switzerland).

This annual session, 6th one is the series, has an “Overcoming the Distance” motto and will be about "overcoming distances that the global world and state-of-the-art projects implicate". With speakers as Charles Simonyi, Mark Striebeck, Urs Enzler, Peter Sommerlad and others, definitely a must go, especially if you know German (about
two thirds of the talks are in German, the rest in English).

My session will be a condensed edition of the one I did here in Prague in October 2008.

Commenting code. Part 1

November 10, 2008 10:42
This Saturday on European Software Conference in Berlin your humble correspondent was making a presentation about commenting code.

It may seem that re-questioning this issue is tantamount to flogging a dead horse. However, the goal was not to repeat the old banalities to an awestruck crowd - instead, it was to make them sound appealing.

Revisit and summarize

October 5, 2008 19:29

This Wednesday, yours truly was making a presentation at Microsoft premises here in Prague. Apart from passing along the beauty and usefulness of the "new" language constructs, I was trying to convey the atmosphere of those agitated days when I was discovering C#2 and C#3 myself [1].

Pelt me with rotten iPhones if I will be talking that fast next time.